Stirred, Not Shaken–Christine Beck


Christine Beck’s poems are image-drenched and information-filled, by turns highly sensual and anecdotal. She desires, wants, and relishes everything, including food, drink, the works of other poets, animals, fish. . . and most especially the sounds of words themselves. The poems are decidedly tactile. The poet dances in internal rhyme. May Stirred, Not Shaken take you, stir you and, despite its title, shake you as it has me.

~ Dick Allen, Connecticut State Poet Laureate (2010-2015) and author of Zen Master Poems, This Shadowy Place, and Present Vanishing

Stirred, Not Shaken contains poetry both intelligent and entertaining. From Civil Action’s “I wanna be your deep throat, your castle moat, your 36-foot sailboat.” to the tribute to her dead Beta fish “Moses is Dead,” Beck displays her emotional literacy and her exceptional capability as a world and people observer. Thought provoking, Stirred, Not Shaken reinforces Beck’s standing as a poet of exceptional ability.

~ Tony Fusco, President, Connecticut Poetry Society, and author of Java Scripture and Jesse’s Garden

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