A Woman Called Father–Father Teri Harroun

Harroun, A Woman Called Father for WEB-01

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In her warm and vivid way, Father Harroun explores the intimate terrain of faithful service, of gardens and goats, of bandannas and breaking bread. Her seamless weavings of the embodied and the ephemeral allow us to glimpse the sacramental nature of everyday life in its salty, imperfect goodness. An honest and funny guide, walking alongside her reminds us of the unflinching and startling ways that the holy becomes incarnate among us.  I am always grateful when one of her poems invites me in.

—Dr. Katherine Turpin, Associate Professor of Religious Education, Iliff School of Theology

There are some favorite “buzz-words” that are thrown around rather carelessly these days. Everyone’s blog, stories, or poetry is “authentic” or “transparent” or “vulnerable.”  This is not true in most cases, in my opinion, except that these words are accurate and spot-on when describing Fr. Teri Harroun’s poetry. They literally take your breath away with their beauty and accuracy and honesty. I know this is Fr. Teri’s first toe-dipping into publishing waters and I am so excited that she is taking this “dip” as I know that her words will not only resonate with other female priests but with anyone who has lived in the world of family, love, service and faith. Thank you, Teri, for allowing me to be part of this maiden publishing voyage. You will be back and we will be glad.

—Rev. Susan S. Ringler, Pastor, Guardian Angels Catholic Community Vicar of the Southwest Region of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion

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