Five Oaks Press

Moving, Being Moved–Sandra Fees

Sandra Fees, in Moving, Being Moved, is able to integrate a child-like wonder with an adult wisdom in a language that is at once imaginative and musical, a sharp mystical lyricism so natural it reads as if “sprung from her own body.” In the tradition of the great open-verse formal lyricists like Elizabeth Bishop, the poems hint at narrative histories in the remarkable compression of sharply controlled lyrics, whole lives in musical phrases. This is a poetry of mature sensibilities that startle as it sings of imagination and memory, love and loss and longing, often all at once.  Indeed, Fees’ words are “talismans for the living.”

~Philip Terman, Our Portion: New and Selected Poems


Have you ever watched a skilled weaver working her loom; choosing the colors that will become a beautiful fabric—a piece of art—then deftly moving the loom’s shutter back and forth while the beauty slowly takes shape? Only she can envision the final creation that is to be, or failing that, to allow her hands to be guided by some unseen wisdom. This is the metaphor that comes to mind while reading Moved, Being Moved. Sophisticated, thoughtful and subtle, Fees weaves a beautiful tapestry, fluidly moving between dimensions of consciousness and tantalizing the soul to look beneath the apparent for hidden gems. This is a book to be read and reread.

~Maryam Hand, Piercing the Veil