After Hours, by Pat Mottola


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Like the bar siren of the opening poem, this sweeping collection lures the reader in with trailblazing wit, wisdom, and on-the-ledge characters who tell it like it is. This book draws power from the motley of urgent stories it unearths—from slaves to celebrities to the poet’s grandfather—in lines accessible and enlightening at every turn. These slice-of-life narratives bear the heft and depth of novels chiseled down to poems that mirror who we are.

––Rayon Lennon, Barrel Children (Main Street Rag)

In After Hours, Pat Mottola proves she is that rare master of the portrait poem. Whether her protagonist is a seductive woman sitting in a bar filled with leering men, a man who works with caskets, the legendary Eve, an immigrant grandfather, a maid, or the author’s second grade teacher, Mottola captures the idiosyncrasies and heartbreak of each individual with a specificity that is electrifying.

––Laura Boss, The Best Lover (NYQ)

In After Hours, the poet’s original and unbiased voice covers a wide range of humanity, surprising the reader from poem to poem. Pat Mottola’s daring is uncommon. She makes the personal universal. She finds humanity on the raw edge. Power, range, and lyricism make this an uncommon book.

––Michael Miller, The Different War (Truman State University Press)

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