And So We Die, Having First Slept, by Jennifer Spiegel


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“Weird, true, and singular.”
—Kyle Minor, Praying Drunk

“Middle-class and middle-aged, yearning to be both ‘normal and extraordinary,’ Brett orchestrates a hungry union, as ‘uncontained’ as she is. Brett and Cash’s hard love jostles the wheel. Whether holding the unnerving stare of a swaddled newborn, stomaching months of expired salads, or drawing the shower curtain over meth fire damage, these are tight-fisted lovers. This is Spiegel’s most intimate and crushingly honest book to date.”
—Julie Hensley, Landfall and Viable

“Jennifer Spiegel’s much-anticipated second novel teems with intelligence and candor, assuredly. But oh, more than that, even, it’s that voice—it darts, it vamps, it dives, and most of all it scrutinizes, squarely, head-on, witty and withering. In this multitudinous soliloquy of a book, we get the relentless quest of a self-determined to narrate itself into being and becoming. Devour it; I did.”
—Tim Horvath, Understories

“Spiegel combines historical and political acuity with a finger on the pulse of the ‘cultural psyche.’ From Phoenix to Berlin, from USC to U Mass, the characters in And So We Die, Having First Slept, find solace and solutions in Adderall and cognitive therapy alike.”
—Patricia Murphy, Hemming Flames

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