Art Farm Anthology

ART FARM ANTHOLOGY: Call for Submissions, deadline 8/27/17 extended to Sunday 9/10/17

Five Oaks Press, run by Lynn Houston, would like to create an anthology of works from this summer’s art farm residents. Please submit a few pieces of your art for consideration by email to (or my personal email). Ideally, we would like for it to be something you worked on during your stay at Art Farm, but it doesn’t have to be. We’d just like to include at least 1 work by everyone who was here during the entire 2017 residency period, along with a short bio written in the 3rd person.

Name: we need suggestions for what to name this anthology. What should we call it? Please let us know what you think as the last name that was kicked around the farmhouse kitchen was “The Kernel Journal.” Please, help us out with a better name than that.

Cover: we need a COLOR photo to use as a cover. Ideally, this would be one that could wrap around the book to make both the back cover and the front cover. However, we could also just place an image in the center of the front cover. We’d like this image to have something to do with Art Farm/Nebraska.

Submissions: send short written pieces (poems, excerpts from longer fiction or academic projects, or just musings reflecting on your time at Art Farm this summer) in DOC format (all in one document attached to the email) and/or send photos (we can only reproduce photos as B&W inside the anthology, but the cover image should be in color). You can send color images that we will turn to B&W or you can send them already in B&W. So sculptors, painters, performance artists, architects, etc, send us photos of your pieces. It’s best if photos are in JPEG format and over 1 MB in resolution. Use a drop box service if you have many to submit and send us the link. Please email (or my personal email) BEFORE 8/27/17 extended to 9/10/17.

Bio: Please also include a short bio (less than 150 words) written in the 3rd person (example: John Smith is a painter from California. He holds an MFA from Fresno State University, etc.).

We will circulate a PDF copy to everyone. We will also make the print anthology available AT COST (if anyone wants to buy a copy). Hardcopies will be shipped to the farm to have on hand for the October Art Harvest celebration.

Please send us your work as soon as possible, but no later than August 27th extended to September 10th!