Winners of our “Say Elves” Winter Chapbook Contest 2015

Five Oaks Press received an unprecedented number of quality submissions for its winter contest. Seriously, folks, we didn’t know how to contain ourselves while reading all this great poetry from emerging and established poets alike. We’ve decided to offer publication contracts to all of the manuscripts that received “honorable mention.” And there was so much good poetry among the finalists and beyond. The competition was intense and the decisions were difficult. Congratulations to everyone! From our perspective, every person who submitted has a lot to be proud of.

Between the Dog and Wolf, by Elizabeth Tornes

Honorable Mentions:
Always on Fire, by Milton Bates
Stirred, Not Shaken, by Christine Beck
Little Wekiva River, by Tanya Grae
Nightmares of the Minor Poet, by Lois Harrod
The Night I Quit Flossing, by Tracy Mishkin
Last Pub on Earth, by Peter Murphy
Come Into the World Like That, by Allyson Whipple

Even the Statue Weeps, by Ariana Den Bleyker
Why I Will Never Garden, by Hannah Dow
Beyond Our Means, by Jeffrey Greene
This Disappearing, by Jed Myers
Still Life Stories, Cristine Norcross